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Plant Material

All plant material is Ontario grown. 
Annuals / Perennials​

10" / 12" Hanging Baskets

13" / 14" Patio Planters

Annual Box Plants

Vegetable Box Plants (1204's / 48 plants per flat)

4" Herb Box Plants

4" Proven Winners Plants

1 Gallon Ornamental Grasses

1 Gallon Perennials

1 Gallon Canna Lillies

Garden Products
Certified Organic

Bagged Soil (Potting Soil, Sheep Manure, Top Soil,

3-Way-Mix, Mulch)

Garden and Lawn Fertalizers

Note: Hanging basket and floor planter designs vary from year to year.

Landscape Plant Material


Special pre-orders of landscape plant material are available May-June
and September.
  • Flowering Shrubs

  • Shade / Fruit Trees

  • Evergreens

  • Ornamental Grasses 

  • Vines / Ground Covers

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